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At most charity events, the Live Auction becomes an endurance test for most of your audience because less than 25 people will actually bid on an item or buy anything. Most of the crowd looses interest unless you can keep them engaged and entertained throughout the entire auction.

The Bermuda Mavericks have one of the most unique styles of hosting a Live Auction in the country. It is a hilarious comedy show with the number one goal of raising as much money as possible for the charity. The guests are entertained with the comedy and the bidders are  driven to higher and higher bids due to the tried and true improvisational techniques of Les and Ken. Fabricating hilarious stories about each item in the auction keeps the audience laughing and in a good mood to bid. Many audience members say afterwards that they never bid on anything the Live Auction but got caught up in the fun and had to be a part of it.

Most charities use a volunteer or local celebrity to host their live auction and they get what they pay for. They have not had to pay a professional but have entrusted their single largest fundraising opportunity to someone who does not have the professional experience and skill to get the highest value for each auction item. The combination of comedy, a great cause and some wonderful auction items can help you create an event that is a one of a kind experience which will help you grow attendance and revenue each year.

The Mavericks can design a motivational keynote performance to increase productivity or a hilarious comedy performance that your employees won't soon forget. Each organization determines the nature of the presentation by supplying information about their group, which is then incorporated into the performance. The show is topical and funny utilizing the terms and issues that your organization deals with each day. Corporations all across the country are using humor to present new information to their employees, to motivate and make a positive impact on their productivity and to help create a less stressful work place.

The Humor in the Workplace seminars are always tasteful, appropriate and politically correct. Each seminar or workshop is uniquely tailored to the individual company. Using comedic devices such as improvisation and sketch comedy, they are in the business of breaking down corporate communication barriers. Their goal is to help businesses develop more productive, less stressful workplaces, thereby boosting the bottom line. Seminars can be tailored to last an hour to an entire day. The seminar focuses on a variety of subjects including team building, stress reduction and creativity.

Having the Bermuda Mavericks host your next awards banquet is a great way to have fun while giving recognition to those receiving awards. There are a number of fake awards that will be given out through the evening which are developed with the help of some key employees. Many times these special awards become the most coveted awards given out and are not soon forgotten by your employees. The awards are hilarious while being appropriate to the corporate environment.

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What a great way to have fun and recognize someone who is special to your company. The Bermuda Mavericks emcee the event introducing each person that is roasting the special guest. The Mavericks not only roast the honoree, but also the people doing the roasting.